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The range of twin security gates brings into the life the idea of two turnstiles setting up within one housing. Twix-M Twin is a robust and reliable model of the tripod turnstile series. Space saving, cost reducing and installation simplification are the main benefits to be outlined. Twix M Twin turnstile has new mechanism Triservo-M. These security barriers will efficiently control the entrance even in intensive pedestrian flow mode, making it suitable for heavily used sites. To overcome the potential problem of crowding in an emergency the Twix-M Twin automatic tripod turnstile has a drop arm function.


  • Bi-directional motorized tripod turnstile with panic / bar drop function;
  • High quality at a cost effective price;
  • Integration with any type of access control and ID systems;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Panic / bar drop function with automatic reset;
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation;
  • Optional indoor or outdoor housing types;
  • Wide range of accessories;
  • Availability of a back-up battery connection;
  • Complete supply set as a standard.
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