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Sweeper turnstile is a good choice for projects where sophisticated design is key. Glass top and side panels, as well as this turnstile’s appearance in general, provide a feeling of transparency and make it a suitable solution for the most demanding and stylish interiors. Sweeper turnstile’s operation principle, together with the swinging wings, enables wide lanes to be established. This type of an automatic turnstile can be controlled using a push button or interfaced with variety of access control system solutions and provides an anti-tailgating function. In case of power failure, the option of a back-up battery is available.


  • Sweeper equipped with sensors that allows to detect tailgating;
  • Successful combination of affordable price and high quality;
  • Customized surface finish and top lid;
  • Steadfast housing suitable for high traffic areas;
  • Solution for disabled and trolley access;
  • Can be integrated with any type of access control systems;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Low noise system operation;
  • Can be mounted on a mobile platform (Frame-M).


  • Wired remote control panel.
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