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TWIC wireless control panel

TiSO TWIC wireless control panel has been developed by TiSO for the remote operation of multiple turnstiles and road blocking equipment. The space saving 8” touch screen display been specifically designed to be located at a reception desk or within security control areas. It has user friendly graphics which requires minimal training for proficiency in navigating through the various pages enabling the user to remotely control the turnstile lanes with real time feedback, such as alarm events or when unauthorized access is detected. The TWiC remote panel has been specifically designed for reception and security areas application. The TWiC device can satisfy most demanding customers in terms of design and application functions. The TWiC is very flexible device to meet user’s demands. It can be configured to control unlimited entrance lanes.


  • Data exchange is protected by a crypto key (WPA/WPA2 protection);
  • Used to control and monitor status of turnstiles or (and) road blockers;
  • Reduces traffic build-up by high processing speed;
  • Unlimited number of controlled lanes;
  • On-line alarm reporting;
  • Intuitive and easy operation;
  • Elegant and smart design;
  • Frame types: self-standing, integrated into the desk top or on to the wall.
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