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System to detect symptoms of virus

TiSO company offers special solution for authorizing access depending on persons state of health. More specifically such system enables to limit access of people with suspected disease symptoms such as high temperature. TiSO speed gates with special integrated authorization system performs face identification and monitors body temperature. Such solution can be widely used in public places like hospitals, airports, border control zones, etc.


  • Contactless temperature control – allows to control access of people with abnormal temperature;
  • Equipped with audio module (siren) – in case of detection of person with abnormal temperature;
  • Face recognition of a person with mask on face;
  • Readymade solution that does not require special provision for installation and can be mounted in any place with help of universal mounting plate;
  • Free software – work hour counter + monitors of body temperature per employee;
  • Materials: SS 304 (optionally SS 316) IP54 protection for easy disinfection.

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